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MasterClass Series start date: April 2023

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Women in Payments has created a four-part Leadership MasterClass and Group Coaching Series designed for professionals who aspire to lead with impact.

This virtual series is designed and delivered by renowned women's leadership coach, educator and internationally experienced chief executive, Penny de Valk. Each MasterClass will have a maximum of 20 participants with a focus on mind-set and skill-set shifts with practical learnings that can be applied right away.

The group coaching sessions follow a few weeks later and are not recorded so the learning environment is supportive and engaging. The added benefit is the exclusive networking opportunities you'll create with your peers.


The topics for the four workshops are:

1: Visibility and Reputation Building

The discussion will explore how reputations are created; why they are important to us; and how to build the reputation we want with skill and intention to create the best impact on your leadership ability. What are you known for? What impressions are you wanting to leave with co-workers? How can you demonstrate more clearly what you are good at and to do so with more confidence? Building visibility is important to progressing. How can we do this with authenticity and integrity? This class will draft a strategy that will bring you closer to accomplishing all of this.

2: Having Your Voice Heard

This MasterClass covers an understanding of how our use of language influences the impact we make and how we can become more skilled and intentional to make the best leadership impact. We will address some of the challenges that many women experience in meetings such as the ability to be heard or being interrupted and managing conflict in meetings. In addition to giving voice to your leadership in meetings, we will look at presentation styles and how to present with impact.

3: Becoming Politically Savvy with Integrity

This MasterClass explores organizational politics (good vs bad), and will examine the idea of becoming politically savvy in the workplace. We review models of political behaviour and then identify how each of us operates politically. Exploring the need to be influential leaders will also be a focus and includes a framework designed to build political skills that benefits leadership alongside integrity.

4: Difficult Conversations (Including Negotiating For Yourself)

This MasterClass is about becoming skillful and more confident in having uncomfortable conversations. We gain an understanding of how we approach conflict and what we might deploy to become successful in having challenging conversations that can be key in positions of leadership. We address the difficulties some women have around 'asking'. We practice how to present and package your 'ask', as well as how to manage yourself before, during and after negotiations.

Group Coaching sessions

Several weeks following each MasterClass, a 60-minute virtual group coaching session will be held and facilitated by Penny de Valk. Issues and key learnings raised in the MasterClass can be re-worked with participants. This will be a terrific opportunity to share some scenarios with the group which Penny can then provide guidance, advice and solutions for.

Aug 25, 2023

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (GMT-6)

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